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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Started at Triond

After reading DeAnna's blog post about Triond's new money making features, I decided to join the site and give it a try. I am doing this as an experiment against InfoBarrel since I have 6 articles there and have only earned $1.48 despite having a respectable number of views. I am not entirely sure how I will be making money at Triond. I suspect it will be a combination of views and ad clicks. So far, I haven't had to input my AdSense code on the site anywhere. You can also see that I have figured out how to place the Triond widget on my site so that all you readers can visit my articles there.

I just 2 days I have managed to publish 2 articles and earn 3 pennies. I plan on publishing about 6-10 articles and watch what happens. If my views and earnings continue to keep gradually increasing over time, then I will likely keep publishing. If not, then I will likely move on to another site and try something else. At this point, I can't give any evaluation of the site other than it seems fairly easy to publish. It seems like the articles are actually reviewed by a human prior to going live since I published one at night here in Indianapolis and didn't see it until the next day. The other one was published during the day and was published almost instantly. Right now I have one pending that I published last night again. I will be curious to see if I have to wait until Monday or not.

I think I will head over to InfoBarrel and grab the RSS feed to place on this blog along with the others. That way everyone who comes here can go and read any of my articles from any of my content sites. Now that I know how to grab widgets and RSS feeds, I can go nuts with them. The next time, I will post an update on what is going on over at Life123. I am excited about my progress so far.


  1. Hi,
    If I remember right (too lazy to look it up) Triond pays you 50% of ad revenue. Of course, you never know how much you will earn. I also never had to give Triond my Google Adsense number. They just had me go through a verifying process to allow Google to connect with their site. I am now earning as much through Google from Triond that I do from Triond itself. Also, you can publish articles that you place on Triond on other sites once they have been accepted at Triond. I have found that the readers at Triond are different from, say, a site like Associated Content and that publishing articles in two places hasn't hurt me at all. One of my articles at Triond has earned approx. $37.00 over the past year. Not too bad.
    Good luck,

  2. I want to place a widget on my wordpress blog but wordpress does not support Java is there a way for me to show my triond articles on my wordpress blog? I want to generate more revenue as well as use them to serve as samples because I'm a freelance writer.

  3. @DeAnna,
    That is great. I have yet to earn a penny with Google at Triond. Will have to see what happens in the future.

    I am sorry. I am not that familiar with Wordpress to help you.


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