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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Online Income Mid-November Review

It is time to look at how the month of November is going since we are midway through the month. By doing this and comparing our progress to the goals we set out for the month, we can see where we are and where we need to go. Again, this is another way to make ourselves accountable so that we can accomplish more than we otherwise might if we just let things happen.

Hubpages: I started at 106 Hubs with a goal to end up between 115 and 120. I currently have 113. I think I am on target and doing well with this goal. I will definitely meet it. I also have a great idea for several more Hubs and will start working on them shortly. I think that I will get several written and release in series.

eHow: The goal was to get to 50 articles and make $25 for the month. I started at 42 but lost 4 in a sweep so am now at 38. I have made just over $6 so far. Looks like I am way off target here. I should start working harder but it is difficult to get motivated when it seems like there is always the risk of losing work. Have to see what happens. Maybe I can get a couple written by the end of the month.

Xomba: Started with 22 Xombytes and 111 Xomblurbs. Now I am at 25 Xombytes and 126 Xomblurbs. I am making some progress toward my goal of 30 bytes and 150 blurbs but need to get working here too. Earnings are OK but not stellar.

InfoBarrel: I had made no commitments and haven't done anything. The good news is that I now have 4 new articles from eHow just waiting for publication. I plan on waiting for a month or so for the articles to become uncached at Google.

Life123: I had no real goals since I hadn't mentioned that I had just started. I have published my 10 article quota and one just earned $5 this morning. I have another that will likely earn before the end of the month meaning that I am on track for $10 in earnings this month. It would be great if I could earn more, but it doesn't look like it will happen. That just means they will earn in December or January. I am adding some views each and every day. When I get to 500 total, I can submit 40 articles per month. I also have 2 written and ready for publication.

My Online Income: I am posting every few days on schedule and adding traffic slowly but surely. I would like to think that many of these posts have been helpful.

Links: I have been able to add links to each and every article that I have written in one way or another. I haven't really gone back to add links to previously written articles and could do some of that. If I run out of other work to do, maybe that is what I will do (like I will run out of work). It seems like the effect on traffic has been positive. I am on pace to increase the AdSense impressions by about 10% for the month. Earnings haven't followed yet, but I suppose eventually they will.

SEO Experiment: I didn't have any goals but thought I would mention what is going on. I think that the post may have been de-indexed since I can't even find it in Google when I type "seo experiment" + kidgas. It certainly makes me wonder about the wisdom of all the social bookmarking that we all do. Not to mention adding all the links. I suppose that the links are useful to get people that run across my stuff to read some of my other articles. Who knows what it all means?

Finally, here are a few Life123 articles that need some help:

Stock Investing Greats and the Lessons They Teach
If Gold is Too Expensive, Consider Silver

As always, thanks for reading. And thanks to everyone who made my first $5 at Life123 possible.


  1. that is nice !
    i reccommend to see this !

    thanks !

  2. Thanks so much for you blog! I have just decided to get into more online writing. I am a SAHM and my kids are old enough now (ages 3&4) for me to have a little time to work on it. I have been devouring your blog like a book this weekend and learning soooo much!! Thanks for all your hard work on it!

  3. Hi,

    Hang in there at eHow if you can. I really didn't see a good earning potential until after about 36 articles. ( I see you still have 38.) It took awhile for the earnings to continue to grow. For Sept. & Oct. I made about the same amount even though I had added quite a few new articles and this month I am about 35% higher in income for the month compared to last month. I know what you mean about losing articles. This is the first time they've deleted any of mine and I lost 4 for very flimsy reasons. But that's okay because there are other sites they can go on.


  4. Kidgas, that's really cool how you're accountable and set goals. I didn't know people actually earned money from ehow et cetera. Nice write up.

    -Eric (potato)


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