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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google Loves Life123

In my last post, I said that I wanted to spend a little time reviewing some of my online income activities and what I am doing to make money online. I figure that I can take roughly one post each week for the next several and give an update on my experience with each of the sites for which I am currently writing or attempting to make money. I decided to start with Life123.

Make Money on Life123

For those of you who don't know, Life123 is a site to which you can publish articles and receive payment. It has a reasonably unique business model compared to some of the other sites for which I write. Because of this unique approach, there are several pros and cons to the site which I will point out a little later.

You start out by submitting an "apprentice" article on one of the designated topics on the site for publication. The article is reviewed and, if accepted, allows you to become a contributor. A contributor is allowed to submit up to 10 articles per month. These are still reviewed, but are usually published within 24 hours. I am currently a contributor. Once a contributor has submitted a minimum of 10 articles and has 500 total views across the articles, he/she can become a writer. Writers can submit up to 40 articles per month. Once the writer has submitted 25 articles with 2500 total views, the title of "expert" is reached. This is the highest level designated. Experts can submit 150 articles per month.

Earnings occur based upon an articles total views. The first 50 views entitles the author to a $5 payment. The next 500 views warrants another $5 payment, and the next 500 views allows the author to receive an additional $10. So, the most that can be made per article is $20, which brings me to the list of pros and cons.

Pros of Life123
  1. Relatively easy to earn $5
  2. No AdSense account needed
  3. Payment is through Paypal
  4. Payment occurs at $5 level
  5. Google seems to love Life123

Cons of Life123

  1. Cannot publish article elsewhere
  2. No longer retain article rights
  3. Must be 18 and United States citizen
  4. No residual income opportunity

My Experience at Life123

I started at Life123 the last few days of October. It was relatively easy to become accepted as a contributor. I have published 14 articles so far and have earned $10. I have not reached the payout threshold, so I have not been paid yet. I will be sure to let everyone know if there is an issue.

As of this morning, I have received 424 total views to my articles so I am on the verge (within the next week) of reaching the writer level at which point I will be able to contribute up to 40 articles per month. My plan is to be able to contribute 15 for the month of December which would put me at the minimum number of articles for the Expert level while I wait for the number of views to reach 2500.

At that point, I expect to contribute between 15 and 20 articles per month to develop some steady income while developing residual income at my other sites much like I outline in this post about making money working at home. Over time, the Life123 articles will be at different levels of views, and I could easily get some extra money from reaching the next 500 or 1000 views on some of them. As the articles mature, they may easily find themselves rising in the Google rankings. As a matter of fact, my article on Transient Global Amnesia has been getting a fair number of daily views (it has 92 total). It is on the second page of Google.

Overall, I view my Life123 experience as positive and would recommend it as an easy way to get started making money online. It is not good for residual income, but should be treated more like a part-time job with the potential for some reasonably consistent monthly income after the first few months provided you continue to publish to the site. Speaking of, I need to get 2 or 3 articles written for Life123 to work.

Important Note: I received an email from a representative of Life123 in order to clarify the payment policy. The policy is to pay any author who makes $5 minimum by the end of a month. The payment is sent out by the end of the second week of the month so an author could expect to have money in a Paypal account by the 15th or 16th of the month at the latest.

It is cool to see how quickly information can be disseminated on the internet.


  1. Hi,
    Funny, but when I reviewed Life123 I said they paid out when you reached $10 (and I got that off of their site) and now I see you have a minimum of $25. So I went back to Life123 and looked at their FAQ's and it says:

    "How do I get paid? issues payments once a month through PayPal. When you register as a member of the Writers Community, you'll be able to log in and see the tab called "MyEarnings." There, you'll be able to enter your PayPal information, which will allow Life123 to pay you and track payment information. Keep track of your payments by bookmarking "My Earnings" and returning often. After your Writer's account has a minimum balance of $5, payment will be made to you via your PayPal account. Note: if an article is dormant for a period of eighteen (18) months or more without earning a milestone payment, this article will be deemed a mature article and is no longer eligible for further compensation."

    They now say $5.00. Were we both wrong or do they keep changing the minimum? And if you've earned $10 already but haven't been paid, then that's not right either. What do you think?

  2. DeAnna,
    I have seen 3 different figures for getting paid. I have seen $5, $10, and $25. The $25 figure has been in emails received from the site. I have noticed other areas of the FAQs that need editing so I suspect that since I haven't been paid yet, the $25 is the accurate figure. The site is part of Barry Diller's empire so I figure that they should be good for the money. As always, I will keep you posted with the truth.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I will change my post on Life123 to the $25 amount. :)

  4. I received an email from one of the main people at Life123 and have a clarification of the payout. The payment has been changed to occur for any author making $5 during the previous month. The payout will typically occur within the second full week, so I should have my $10 by Dec 16th. I will keep everyone updated.

  5. Hi,
    I wrote to Life123 today and also received a quick reply stating that the payout is $5. I'll give them this - they are quick to answer e-mails, even on a Sunday!


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