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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Want to be the Turtle

There are many lessons to be learned from Aesop's classic fable about the tortoise and the hare. I am sure that you have heard it. The hare ridicules the tortoise for being slow and subsequently a challenge is made pitting the two in a race. Of course, the over-confident hare bolts off the starting line and gets so far ahead that he decides to take it easy under a tree, falls asleep and ends up losing the race. I want to be the turtle of online income.

The turtle has many positive qualities:

  1. He realizes his limitations. He doesn't pretend he is fast. He knows his capabilities and really isn't thinking about racing the hare. He is just going about the business of getting to the finish line.

  2. He is quietly confident in his abilities. The turtle realizes that he has limitations but is, nevertheless, confident enough in the abilities he has to race the hare.

  3. He is up for a challenge. By all appearances, the turtle should lose this race. He is not swift and doesn't match up on paper to a hare. He still goes out and tries despite his apparent shortcomings.

  4. He never gives up. It sure would have been easy to just give up when he realized that the hare was so far down the course that he was out of sight. Yet the turtle just kept plodding along, one step at a time. He really wasn't racing the hare in his mind. He was just determined to finish.

I want to be the turtle of online income. I know that I am not a web professional and don't have a ton of web knowledge or experience. I know that I am not a professional writer. I work full time and have a limited amount of spare time to devote to the development of online income. But I do feel that I have useful ideas worth sharing and can write a decent sentence. I am always eager to learn and experiment. I am certainly up for the challenge and have managed to persist for over 6 full months. I certainly don't plan on giving up. I try not to focus on anybody else (although at times it can be difficult but is getting easier). Finally, I just want to make that finish line.

For me, the finish is $3000 monthly in 8 more years and 6 months. Provided I continue to work a little each day, I could potentially have over 3000 articles and maybe even a few websites developed in that time frame. It will be a long haul, but that's OK. I am convinced that like the tortoise, "slow and steady will win the race."

If you are getting started in your journey for online income, don't just take off like the hare. You will get burned out and never finish what you started. It may seem counter-intuitive, but just take one day at a time and publish a little something each day. Before you know it, one article becomes ten, which becomes 100, then 200, then your own site and a second site. That first dollar becomes $10, then $100 and before you know it, you could live off your online income.

Remember, to achieve your goals, think like a turtle.


  1. Hi Kidgas,

    I decided to place an article at Life123 (will do a blog post on it later) and it was accepted and posted early yesterday (12/5). How often do they update earnings and views there? Is it daily, like eHow, more often or less often?

  2. If you're truly passionate about something and feel you will for a long time the tortoise analogy is a great one to follow.

    Especially in the blogging world - there is no get rich quick method. You have to work and work hard. You have to treat it like a business to actually succeed. Don't think for a minute you're going to make lots of money just be posting blog posts either. You need to deliver quality content, build up a reputation and following and promote the hell out of it.

    In a way the blogging world is a great for those that can commit to the tortoise analogy becasue so many people start their blogs, then after a few months later will stop. They've given up or they've lost interest.

    You really have to be persistent and not give up.

    Great post!

    Sarge |

  3. @DeAnna,
    Congrats on being published at Life123. I am sure that you will do exceedingly well. Unfortunately for people who enjoy real-time data, Life123 only updates once per day. The info is fresh each morning when I wake up (Indiana time) and the earnings showed up when the view count hit 50 on that first article.

    Thanks so much. I am trying to treat it like a business (part-time of course) and be diligent. I am enjoying learning new skills and making a little bit of money out of the process (I emphasize little at this point).


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