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Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on the SEO Experiment

If you have been reading this blog since October, you know about my SEO experiment. For those who haven't allow me to summarize. I decided to write a blog post entitled "SEO Experiment" and attempt to rank for that particular keyword phrase by using links specifically through a link wheel. I wrote several articles (which I will list below) that link to that particular blog post and to one another.

I did this as an experiment to see what would happen. I certainly didn't want to try something like that with a useful keyword phrase. SEO Experiment only gets a CPC of $0.05 so I figured it was no big deal if I did succeed and no big loss if I didn't. Well as it turns out, I was able to get on the front page of Google within 16 days. I then disappeared for awhile and am now back on the front page at position number 5.

I learned several things from my experience which I detail in an article that I wrote for Xomba (see link below). For me, the bottom line is that I want to keep writing original and helpful content for this blog. I also want to include as many interconnecting links as possible to market my writings on the different sites. Eventually I may run into someone who likes and will link to a particular article. I simply need to stay the course and keep writing. Over time, the effort should pay off.

Here are the links to all of my SEO articles:

SEO Experiment The original post
Why Am I Doing An SEO Experiment? This has consistently ranked as well
Making Money Online: Climbing the SEO Ladder Start with less competition and work your way up
How to Build a Link Wheel for SEO
Understanding SEO: The Link Wheel
SEO: Black Hat vs White Hat
Google First Page in 16 Days Celebration Time
5 Things I Learned From My SEO Experiment

As you can see, I got a lot of writing out of just one little idea. That was also a big bonus. I think in the new year, I will try to find another decent keyword, write an article as a focus article and then try to link repeatedly to it. I may use some articles I already have written or consider writing more articles to link into a Life123 article to see how that might enhance views. If nothing else, it gives me something to do.


  1. Hi Kidgas, This is an interesting experiment you are undertaking. Nice to see it working for you. This is my first time hearing the phrase "link wheel" or seeing Xomba. Have you ever done a post on Xomba?

    I've learned a lot from this post.


  2. Ileane,
    Yes, I have posted on Xomba under the same user name (Kidgas). I am actually a featured writer for the Money & Investing section. If you want to sign up, you can use my referral link if you would like:

    I am glad that you learned something since that is my objective with this blog.


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