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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Got Paid by Life123!

I was just so excited that I had to post again today. I got notification yesterday that I was paid by Life123. I went to my Paypal account, and I had $10 more than the day before courtesy of That will pay for about 4.2 gallons of the gas I put in my van this morning which may last a day and a half. Anyway, it was good to see payment for my efforts.

For those who read DeAnna's blog, it is because of her review of Life123 that I started to write there. But, I find it interesting to note that our experiences are somewhat different based upon perspective. It reminds me of a story that I heard not long ago in church:

A young man came to speak with his rabbi and bemoan life for his family of 8 living in one small room. He and his family were constantly on each other's nerves living in such a small space. The rabbi told him to go home and bring his goat to live in the house with him and come back in one week. The young man did as the rabbi suggested.

One week later, he came back, and the rabbi asked how life was. The young man complained, "That goat is constantly in the way, chewing on everything, and smells absolutely terrible." The rabbi told the young man to move the goat back outside and report back in another week.

The next week, the young man exclaimed to the rabbi, "Life is wonderful. The goat is gone. The house smells wonderful, and we have so much room."

It all comes down to perspective. DeAnna is a professional writer and has lots of views from Suite101 and eHow. I am an amateur, and it is my goal to reach 1 view per article per day. I have yet to meet that objective consistently at HubPages. So when I look at Life123, I am thrilled with the progress and the fact that I can get close to my 1 view per article per day. DeAnna, on the other hand, is not so enamored.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You have to take your income goals and writing skills and decide what sites work best for you. As your writing improves and matures, as your traffic patterns and audience changes, it would be perfectly natural that you wouldn't be doing the same thing in a year or two that you are doing now. I certainly plan to grow and learn. I would like to manage my own site within a year or two. DeAnna is just farther along in the journey than I am. Life123 may or may not be a good fit. It may or may not be a good fit for you, either. Right now, it is working for me.

I am almost to 500 total views which would put me at the next level. I have less than 40 to go. I would think that would only take about 4 days to accomplish. Plus I have 3 articles that are within spitting distance of making their first $5. I will include the links below if you wish to visit. I would certainly appreciate it. In the meantime, thanks for reading. I enjoy all the comments that people have been making on this blog. I appreciate your time and hope that everyone is taking away something valuable each time.

Here are the Life123 articles that could earn $5 this month with just a little help:

Inflation Hurts the Poor Most
What is Tetralogy of Fallot?
Stock Investing Greats and the Lessons They Teach


  1. Hi,
    Glad to hear you are still doing well at Life123. I agree, each site fits differently with the writer. There are sites I do well at that other writers say they don't and sites I find less appealing that other writers love. It's all in finding the right fit for you and finding the sites that earn the most for the work you put into them. As for Life123 - I haven't given up on them yet, just need to find the right article topics that will appeal to the readers there.

  2. Glad to hear that you haven't given up. I have a hard time finding which topics will appeal to anyone it seems. I suppose that I will continue to write about what interests me and hope that eventually people will find something to their liking. Thanks for commenting.


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