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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Promoted at Life123

I woke up this morning and added up my total views for the 17 articles I had published on Life123 and found the total was 501! That means that I have moved to the next level. I then checked the messages on the site and found that it was official. I have been promoted from contributor to writer!

Now I have the ability to contribute up to 40 articles per month. That is more than one per day for all you math wizards out there. Just imagine if I were able to publish one article per day on average and all of them eventually earned the $20 limit. That would be $600 per month. Even if the average was only $10, that would still be $300 per month and would provide a nice steady internet income as I explained in this strategy for working from home. Combining steady income while growing passive, residual income can be very powerful.

I am really excited about the promotion at Life123 since I essentially have no limit to what I can publish. I really don't see myself being able to publish more than 40 articles in one month anyway so getting to the 150 article per month "expert" level is not as important to me. But this level was important since I can easily write 5 articles in a free afternoon if I get on a roll.

Now I need to start brainstorming on some topics and publish some more since it was part of my December passive income goals to end the year with 25 articles. That means I have 8 more to go with 12 more days left in December. Maybe I can get one or two done this weekend. Guess I better get going. Feel free to stop by and read my Life123 articles. I am still working on getting to the 50 view level on all but 2 of them. I have a few that are getting close, but any help is always appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.


  1. Congrats on reaching the next level. That is the nice thing about Life123 - you are able to write on a variety of subjects. Good luck with your goals for this month. :)

  2. That is some proflic writing, Kidgas. Sometimes I have a hard time writing 8 posts a month! Congrats on reaching that level, and I hope it grows for you. I hadn't heard about Life123, either. I'll have to check it out.

  3. @DeAnna,
    Thanks much. You are right. I am trying out various subjects to see which might get more traffic.

    Thanks to you as well. I hope it grows also. I figure that if I keep publishing, eventually I will increase the earnings.


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