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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Patience Pays Off ($5 to be Exact)

One of the biggest things that I have been saying on this blog (as much to remind myself as to benefit you) is that patience is important. Keep writing and linking, writing and linking and eventually it will all pay off. It did yesterday for me. OK, so it only paid $5, but who's complaining. Allow me to explain.

I awoke yesterday morning and logged on to my Life123 account. I noticed that I had made another $5. Cool! This made sense since I had 2 articles with view counts in the 40's and were close to the 50 view payout level. But as I looked, those two articles still had stayed below that level.

Then, I noticed that the article that paid out had 110 views! And it had been in the 30's the day before! How did this happen? Actually, I have no idea. When I looked at the source of views, 75 had come from Google. I must have somehow gotten on to the front page of Google for a brief time and had gotten tons of search engine traffic. It was like hitting the Google lottery!

The point of the story is that you just need to keep writing and publishing and linking. Eventually, you never know which article may get seen by the right individual and posted on a blog or make it to the top of a search query. Even if only briefly, the benefits could be huge. Plus, I made $4.52 on AdSense the same day. That makes yesterday my best earning day ever at $9.52! Eventually, I will make double digits in one day. Then twice in a month. Then triple digits. Patience, patience. That's all it takes.

PS--These are the 2 articles in the 40's:
Leveraged ETF's: Not for Long Term Investing
Inflation Hurts the Poor Most


  1. You should sign up for blogvertise. I've made $20.00 so far from them.

  2. congrats, every drop counts,
    though i would suggest to try other options too, there's loads of money to be made online so don't allow one program to stop you from exploring the alternatives :)

  3. @Rose,
    I had a look and don't think I am quite ready to sign up with them yet. I want my blog posts to be unbiased.

    Thanks. You offer good advice and I will do my best to diversify with what little time I have.


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