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Saturday, December 5, 2009

HubPages Traffic is Falling Apart (Maybe)

For those who don't know, HubPages was the first major site for which I started writing the last week of May of this year. It is the site at which I have been most active, having written 115 Hubs (articles) to this point. Granted, some of them are just absolutely pitiful since I was learning as I was writing. I think my writing is getting better now that I have learned about various aspects of writing such as keywords and search engine optimization. But I would like to make a few comments on the trend of my HubPages traffic which I have noticed over the past few months.

I am a stats junky and keep lots of data pertaining to my traffic and AdSense impressions. In September, HubPages comprised just about 75% of my total AdSense traffic. In October that number was 60% and in November just 55%. Now for the first 5 days of December, my HubPages traffic is just under 40% of my total traffic. Both this blog and my Xomba traffic have been increasing to make up the difference since total AdSense impressions in September and October were virtually identical.

I have heard that November and December are usually down months for internet traffic since people are focused on the holidays. I certainly saw that during the four day Thanksgiving weekend. As it stands now, traffic will be down about 10% during December compared to November but it is hard to make an accurate assessment only 5 days into the month.

Even though HubPages traffic is falling apart, I will say this much for it. For the last 30 days, my Google search engine traffic is nearly as much as my internal HubPages traffic. I view this as a good thing since search engine traffic is much more valuable than other Hubbers reading my articles. I am hoping that the traffic will find a base and that any growth represents organic search engine traffic growth. That would be a great consolation to the traffic decrease.


  1. My HubPages traffic has really dropped off too. I had such high expectations for HubPages, but unfortunately it didn't meet them :(

  2. Sorry to hear that Ruth. As mentioned, I hope it is just reaching a baseline and can be counted on for a steady residual type income while I develop other sources along the way.

  3. I'm seeing this pattern too. I first thought that in the Xmas period people search for different things such as gifts and holidays, so the traffic mix changes and sites related to work such as C++ Java etc decrease.

  4. I am hoping that it is related to the holidays and that after the first of the year, things will pick up. Only time will tell.


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