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Thursday, December 31, 2009

So What is Blog Engage?

I recently signed up for Blog Engage. Allow me to explain what it is. The way I understand it, Blog Engage is a sort of social bookmarking site for your own blog posts. For the past few weeks after I write a blog post, I go to and post the link to my post. It then gets voted up or down. Eventually if it gets enough positive votes, then it gets published on the front page of the site where it can be seen by many more fellow bloggers. There is also a forum for discussion amongst bloggers.

Is Blog Engage Worth It?

So far, for me at least, I feel that it is. Blog Engage has delivered 22 visitors to my blog. More importantly, I have discovered many interesting blogs with valuable information that should only help me on my journey toward online income. Furthermore, I am also making new online friends.

Granted, it is unlikely that those fellow bloggers will do much for revenue since they are unlikely to click on any ads. But that's not the point. You never know who might see what you have written and link to it. I think the interaction with other bloggers and cross promotion within the blogosphere will only help.

I think Blog Engage has begun to play a huge role in generating additional traffic for this blog. I will continue to follow the progress that is made in this area. I would only expect to see improvements over time as the community begins to grow. I suspect many of you have not heard of Blog Engage. If you haven't, you should check it out. If you have a blog, you should really check it out and consider signing up there. Link to a few posts and see what happens. Then you can decide for yourself if Blog Engage is right for you.

PS--I was at Traffic Rank 794,002! I think Blog Engage is helping improve my Alexa ranking very quickly.


  1. I have received a nice amount of traffic from BlogEngage. I hope the traffic stays when I can't be as active there.

  2. yep, blog engage is defenitely becoming a very strong social site for bloggers, and as you have rightly pointed out, its not all about the amount of traffic rather the networking with fellow bloggers which matters most :)

  3. @Rose,
    True, but I think I will be able to at least post my posts each time.

    @Uttoran Sen,
    I am definitely enjoying the interaction and networking.

  4. Hi Kidgas,

    Thanks for the tip on Blog Engage. I added myself as a user for a new blog that I recently launched but I am beyond confused on the article submission process. The site is such a great idea and a lot of work has gone into making it useful, but I feel so completely lost!

  5. @Samantha,
    It is somewhat difficult and took me a while to figure out. I usually fill in the URL on page one and write my own description to put in the description box. A few tags and categories and that is all you really need. There is another large text box above the summary box that I copy and paste my summary into also. That seems to work for me.

    Good luck getting some posts submitted.


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