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Monday, December 7, 2009

My Xomba Commitment for December

I have always heard that Xomba was a good way to make money and have even made a respectable amount myself for the amount of effort expended. But I never really got around to developing a true commitment and focus for the site. That is all going to change for the month of December 2009.

For the month of December, I am making Xomba my primary residual income site. I plan on putting up a link or two or three everyday for the entire month. Plus, I plan on writing several original articles for the site so that by the end of the month I have 40 articles and 200 links.

So far these first 7 days, I have been able to live up to the task and devote some time each day on the site and the early indications are that it will prove to be worthwhile. I already am on pace to have more AdSense impressions and earnings by the end of December than I had for November. The results seem to be tracking the amount of effort, and that is good in my mind. I still don't know what long-term residual potential might exist, but I think that information will come in time. When it does, I will be sure to share with you.

You may or may not know that I am a featured writer for Xomba in the Money & Investing section. I have an article pending and when that gets on the front page, I can only imagine that the impressions and earnings will benefit. I plan on writing 2 or 3 more for the month as well to include in my overall efforts.

Here are a few of the links to my Xomba featured articles since they don't have a widget:

Money and the American Dream
Investing in Gold at Record Prices...A Good Idea?
I Am Earning Real Passive Income Now
Selling the Same Shares Twice (Part 1)

Also, if you want to join Xomba, I will benefit if you use this referral link. It doesn't cost you anything since the additional percentage of AdSense impressions comes from Xomba and not you. So, give Xomba a try to provide backlinks to your own work and earn money at the same time. I think you will like the earning potential.

As always, thanks for reading and following this blog. I appreciate all the comments that you share.

1 comment:

  1. That is a good idea. There are several articles of mine that have yet to find a home. I could also use more links to the ones I already posted. I'll keep you posted if you keep us posted...pun intended:)


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